Hailey Bieber On The Early Late Night Show | Dixie D'Amelio

Hey guys!!! I'm back with Episode 2 and I couldn't be happier that @Hailey Rhode Bieber is our second guest! We had a lot of fun together, learning some secrets about each other and making custom shoes for each other!! Don't forget the show airs every Sunday at 10AM PST/1PM EST!!! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Eliana Paul

    Eliana PaulPred 13 urami

    I think dixies voice sounds like Gigi’s 😬

  2. Makia

    MakiaPred 5 dnevi

    Haliey seems so cool, like her personality is so down to earth and so chill, shes so respectful and open abt herself and her experiences.

  3. Pranjal

    PranjalPred 6 dnevi

    she is so sweet and perfect.🤗🤗😍😍

  4. Blossom Family

    Blossom FamilyPred 6 dnevi

    Love how comfortably they both sit 😂😂

  5. 5K Hosna Mohammed

    5K Hosna MohammedPred 6 dnevi

    she is so sweet i love hwe she deserves so much better

  6. Jayselin Danje

    Jayselin DanjePred 10 dnevi

    i´m very happy how Dixie and Hailey are just making people understand there problems so they can´t get in drama for no reason or like people don´t understand them like there humans too so it makes me feel like so good about Dixie and Hailey

  7. Celeb Culture

    Celeb CulturePred 12 dnevi

    Paparazzi will disturb them and harasse but then people will accuse celebs like her to be rude and mean😒...she is really sweet that she freely explained everything.We got to know about the limitation of being a star☹😩...I do like her.❤❤

  8. Celeb Culture

    Celeb CulturePred 12 dnevi

    Hailey is really a sweet girl..Those who know her personally they know about her personality..And haters gonna hate but I like her❤

  9. Reo -tan

    Reo -tanPred 12 dnevi

    Tbh I feel like Dixie dressed Hailey up😂 like Hailey came to the show with her own fit and Dixie said “Mind changing into these for the show?”😂😂😂

  10. chicken nuggz

    chicken nuggzPred 14 dnevi

    why is dixie so awkward lmfaooo

  11. Jackie Burkhart Wannabe

    Jackie Burkhart WannabePred 15 dnevi

    honestly if i was hailey and dixie would ruin my shoes like she did, she won''t be able to closure the video (whatever if she's rich enough to not care)



    She needs to get Billie Eilish

  13. ²⁰¹⁴ ʷᵃˢ ᵃ ᵍᵒᵒᵈ ʸᵉᵃʳ

    ²⁰¹⁴ ʷᵃˢ ᵃ ᵍᵒᵒᵈ ʸᵉᵃʳPred 19 dnevi

    Of course Hailey took the shoes project seriously. Man she's so perfect

  14. ²⁰¹⁴ ʷᵃˢ ᵃ ᵍᵒᵒᵈ ʸᵉᵃʳ

    ²⁰¹⁴ ʷᵃˢ ᵃ ᵍᵒᵒᵈ ʸᵉᵃʳPred 19 dnevi

    Girls hate on her because they're MADDD jealous

  15. Lisa Ekogiawe

    Lisa EkogiawePred 22 dnevi

    I'm so proud of this girl. From doing this show in her living room of her own house to having his own studio, it's a really great step Congrats Dixie!🖤

  16. Vansh R

    Vansh RPred 23 dnevi

    See I'm not being mean... I really respect Hailey as a woman, model... But what I feel is her dad from the start wanted her to be with JB... Her family and friends (Kardashians) were always up for setting her with Justin..... But I never saw Jelena so I like them a lot.. I maybe wrong... If I'm wrong just know I'm 16😭😂

  17. moon light

    moon lightPred 25 dnevi

    Oh gurl yall r so pretty so ICONIC

  18. Khin Shoonlai

    Khin ShoonlaiPred 27 dnevi

    Dixie seems anxious and intimidated by Hailey. Love how Hailey is so confident and comforting.

  19. bailey lamond-clark

    bailey lamond-clarkPred 27 dnevi

    She looks like young kylie

  20. A Dud3

    A Dud3Pred 27 dnevi

    Why does this exist?

  21. cute zk

    cute zkPred 27 dnevi

    The comments really change when it’s her music and when it’s her show

  22. Vanessa Carr

    Vanessa CarrPred 29 dnevi

    You're such a liar! You didn't even go to school.

  23. Arian Chicha

    Arian ChichaPred mesecem

    I love how Hailey did her makeup it's simple and not too thick. I almost thought she's not wearing any. It's better this way because thick make up doesn't suit her it makes her look a lot older but when she removes it so much younger.

  24. aurelie fransoo

    aurelie fransooPred mesecem


  25. sakina rangoonwala

    sakina rangoonwalaPred mesecem


  26. ursula

    ursulaPred mesecem

    Dixie literally destroyed haileys shoes😂

  27. lupelt

    lupeltPred mesecem

    call maddie ziegler for an interview 💟

  28. Addison Bourgoie

    Addison BourgoiePred mesecem

    It’s so unbelievable that your with HAILEY BIEBER omg that’s so cool love you both 😍🥰🥰

  29. layla boo

    layla booPred mesecem

    dixie we need nessa on here

  30. Alec Lewis

    Alec LewisPred mesecem

    The waste of shoes 😅

  31. Alec Lewis

    Alec LewisPred mesecem

    Wow she really never „was meant“ to be independent or do something...

  32. sha

    shaPred mesecem

    i really like how dixie letting her talk without interrupting her & how comfortable hailey is with dixie

  33. Jennifer holmes

    Jennifer holmesPred mesecem

    Hailey is so pretty 😍 so is the girl interviewing her

  34. Trained sigma male

    Trained sigma malePred mesecem

    LMFAO I love the fact that you didn’t even label her as Dixie. You just said, “the girl interviewing her” 🤷‍♀️

  35. Yeganeh Setayeshnia

    Yeganeh SetayeshniaPred mesecem

    Hailey seems like the nicest and kindest person I love her 💕

  36. Kainat Amin

    Kainat AminPred mesecem

    There's no one like Hailey She's just awesome

  37. Trained sigma male

    Trained sigma malePred mesecem

    There’s someone better than her, I can name plenty.

  38. Imam Hossan

    Imam HossanPred mesecem

    nice dress 👗 choice dixie yu luk awesome

  39. shaun wong

    shaun wongPred mesecem

    Dixie is so uncomfortable

  40. shaun wong

    shaun wongPred mesecem

    Such a bad host hahahahaha

  41. Yadira Arnold

    Yadira ArnoldPred mesecem

    + Romans 10:9-10 "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be . For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are ."tt

  42. We are one & steep up

    We are one & steep upPred mesecem

    Selena the best to jastin

  43. Ligia Castellanos

    Ligia CastellanosPred mesecem

    Dixi eres la mejor tu carisma y angel nos robaron el ❤️Dios bendigantu trabajo eres una chica muy exitosa al igual que tu hermana un saludo desde Guatemala🙏🏼🥰


    MEDHAVI SUNEJAPred mesecem

    Hailey is the Queen

  45. Morgan Freeman

    Morgan FreemanPred mesecem

    People are so weird. Y’all say how sweet she is & how much of a good person she is but this is all on camera. People put on fronts in front of cameras lol Y’all don’t know how she is behind closed doors. I’m not saying she’s bad behind closed doors but I’m saying y’all don’t know the real her.

  46. Trained sigma male

    Trained sigma malePred mesecem

    Exactly, she can be nice and caring on camera like you said but behind she could be a rude person filled with hatred. Some people in the comment section even said that they couldn’t name some one more sweeter than her. People are too brain-washed these days it’s disappointing.

  47. Alex Murphy

    Alex MurphyPred mesecem

    mans speakin fax

  48. Talitha Warren

    Talitha WarrenPred mesecem

    I like the spray paint wall very creative

  49. Talitha Warren

    Talitha WarrenPred mesecem

    " You Don't Owe Anyone Anything" - Hailey Bieber Thank you for being so honest.

  50. Talitha Warren

    Talitha WarrenPred mesecem

    She deals with the paparazzi so well. That's pretty rude and so gross. Fame isn't always good is a message I keep remembering. I'm glad I don't have to face that day to day, God bless her! Have a great day

  51. Ijustwanttocommenttt

    IjustwanttocommentttPred mesecem

    I might be crazy but the "we decided to sit on the same couch today" makes me think Hailey asked to be "on her good side". Same side of her interview with Emma Chamberlain. Conspiracy theory? Maybe. Idk what I'm talking about? Sure.

  52. Jasmine Raddon

    Jasmine RaddonPred mesecem

    okay is it just me but why is dixie so half assed everytime she runs the show, especially the outro like it just seems like she has to do this show but the effort put in is so minimal... like her team runs everything she could just act like she gives more of a fuck about even being capable to run a show and have guests like hailey on there

  53. Marisol Silva

    Marisol SilvaPred mesecem


  54. Matt Heidt

    Matt HeidtPred mesecem

    This is so bad lol

  55. Alex Murphy

    Alex MurphyPred mesecem


  56. Anjuli Mack

    Anjuli MackPred mesecem

    All I see is two empowered women killing it!! YESSS!!! Here for this xx well done Dixie ❤️ Empowered women, empower women.

  57. Alex Murphy

    Alex MurphyPred mesecem

    mhm sure

  58. Casey and Breelyn

    Casey and BreelynPred 2 meseci

    wait why this have so many dislikes? im confused lol

  59. Hazal

    HazalPred 2 meseci

    She’s not good at asking questions

  60. BlueberryJam_

    BlueberryJam_Pred 2 meseci

    Hailey looks so cute with her hair tied like that 😭💖

  61. BlueberryJam_

    BlueberryJam_Pred 2 meseci

    HAILEY 💖😍

  62. Lauren Noel

    Lauren NoelPred 2 meseci

    Dixie literally looked like a 5 year old kid doing the shoes, I bet Hailey didn't really know what to say because of the way she was being crazy. Lmao

  63. JC Vlogs

    JC VlogsPred 2 meseci


  64. letícia moreira

    letícia moreiraPred 2 meseci

    hailey is so nice

  65. I am not so spicy

    I am not so spicyPred 2 meseci

    Ive been loving hailey ever since.

  66. MF NV

    MF NVPred 2 meseci

    Hailey is like a big sister in this interview i love it 🥰

  67. MF NV

    MF NVPred 2 meseci

    I love Hailey so much 💖💖💖 and bravo for Dixie!! This is such a cool show 🤗

  68. Kele Beck

    Kele BeckPred 2 meseci

    Paparazzi is like a mafia. Kim K pays them to only take good pics of her. When a bad pic comes out you know somebody needed to get paid.

  69. Alcaera

    AlcaeraPred 2 meseci

    Dixie seems so nervous

  70. Abigail Camaj

    Abigail CamajPred 2 meseci

    selena gomez get selena gomez on the show

  71. Vendredi Fan

    Vendredi FanPred 2 meseci

    She has no talent in conversation... She laughs awkwardly all the time, has terrible eye contact... Has ZERO vocabulary...

  72. HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-drama

    HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-dramaPred 2 meseci

    Hailey seems soo sweet tho, a confident girl but sweet🥺

  73. mayi sh

    mayi shPred 2 meseci

    The way she sits !!! WTF

  74. Rania imededdine

    Rania imededdinePred 2 meseci

    how does she thik it ok not to know the name of your own show lmao..

  75. Inspiraisen Wau

    Inspiraisen WauPred 2 meseci

    THANK YOU DIXIE for inviting HAILEY in ur talkshow. She's really incredible person, yes I know and every kindest person also can feel it her positive vibes always 🔥 Thank you Dixie! Two thumbs up for youuuu ❤️

  76. Tai Duplan

    Tai DuplanPred 2 meseci

    Dixie needs help from speech therapist and pathologist to annunciation when she speaks

  77. Vee B

    Vee BPred 2 meseci

    this girl missed out on the chance of naming whatever tf this show is “discussions with dixie” lmao I literally came up with this in two seconds she couldn’t have come up with a better name?

  78. Hewa Kesen

    Hewa KesenPred 2 meseci

    Please kendall

  79. Sunshine Hoe

    Sunshine HoePred 2 meseci

    I feeling like Hailey has rbf which is why people always assume she’s mean. But she seems like such a sweet and patient person.

  80. Lucy o connell

    Lucy o connellPred mesecem

    Just like bella hadid

  81. HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-drama

    HYUNSUNG should be turned into K-dramaPred 2 meseci

    Yup, she has rbf and introvert so when she being shy people quick to judge her for being rude:”

  82. Inspiraisen Wau

    Inspiraisen WauPred 2 meseci

    Yes, you right. Peoples only judge her outside but can't feel her positive vibes. Look around her, that's so many influencer at industry respect and loves her cus she's a good personality 😭❤️

  83. Lara hombach

    Lara hombachPred 2 meseci

    You having Niall Horan on the show would be incredible Dixie 😍

  84. Festling_lady gaming

    Festling_lady gamingPred 2 meseci

    The show is not bad me personally I think it will be good national she already have a lot of celebrities on here

  85. Batoul Shehoury

    Batoul ShehouryPred 2 meseci

    Wait she get Hailey

  86. bekindrewind

    bekindrewindPred 2 meseci

    what happened to he pinky? i didn’t watch all of it so idk if she mentions it

  87. noor

    noorPred 2 meseci

    social media is so cruel to Hailey. She is so cool.

  88. selena  ☕︎︎

    selena ☕︎︎Pred 2 meseci

    ودي افخم شيء بس م قادره 😕🔨

  89. Mike Tibbits

    Mike TibbitsPred 2 meseci

    I would love if the audio could be more scratchy jesus

  90. Mike Tibbits

    Mike TibbitsPred 2 meseci

    that is my official review I shan’t subject myself to this any further now good day cheers everyone

  91. Mike Tibbits

    Mike TibbitsPred 2 meseci

    also dixie could be replaced with a text to speech reading her script and the flow of conversation would be more natural

  92. jss 22

    jss 22Pred 2 meseci

    9:57 her voices changes. It seems like she hold in tears 🥺


    MELISSA PEERZPred 2 meseci

    When Dixie was doing her shoes she seemed so uninterested and lazy

  94. Nick Bhowmik

    Nick BhowmikPred 2 meseci

    This Dixie chick has like zero personality. Hailey on the other hand though 😍

  95. Barbie Kylle Ritual

    Barbie Kylle RitualPred 2 meseci

    i love hailey period.

  96. Niherr Mohamed

    Niherr MohamedPred 2 meseci

    Ok it might be disrespectful for men to take photo of you under you skirt but why is it not a problem when you post photos of you're self all exposed.

  97. Autumn Lamothe

    Autumn LamothePred 2 meseci

    She should have Justin Beiber on the show 🤐

  98. jupiter

    jupiterPred 2 meseci

    this is so cool

  99. Aulia Nur Rahman

    Aulia Nur RahmanPred 2 meseci

    I'm waiting for an invitation to Kendall Jenner ❤️🤞🏻

  100. rdylan27

    rdylan27Pred 2 meseci

    lightning is bad and Dixie´ s mic is not working well either. Hope she surrounds herself with good technicians.

  101. Sonam Choedon

    Sonam ChoedonPred 2 meseci


  102. coco cordova

    coco cordovaPred 2 meseci

    One shoe cause we got 3 minutes left.

  103. Tyler Mackor

    Tyler MackorPred 2 meseci

    Hailey is so pure.

  104. Ananda Luciana

    Ananda LucianaPred 2 meseci

    her voice is soothing😭❤️ ilyyy hails

  105. Jennifer Naula

    Jennifer NaulaPred 2 meseci

    I love Hails 😍💖💖

  106. simone eve

    simone evePred 2 meseci

    she really couldnt be creative with the name huh

  107. Sharon Dias

    Sharon DiasPred 2 meseci

    Hailey is so confident! Dixie needs to improve her conversation skills, I guess she's nervous, Hailey Bieber is a better person than I expected!

  108. GrayFox

    GrayFoxPred 2 meseci

    I literally Hate Hailey BALDWIN! But I love you Dixie you're the best

  109. Laura Ramirez

    Laura RamirezPred 2 meseci

    who wouldn't guess she's so nice

  110. Charlotte Maria

    Charlotte MariaPred 2 meseci


  111. Pooja Yadav Laheri

    Pooja Yadav LaheriPred 2 meseci

    I love Halley