I Finally Got My Own Show | Dixie D'Amelio

I'M BACK!!!! The Early Late Night Show returns bigger and better than ever!! I'm so excited to air this second season of my talk show. It's all because of you that the Dixie D'Amelio Show evolved into this. We have some awesome episodes and amazing guests this season I cannot wait for you to see! Every Sunday at 10AM PST/1PM EST!!! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Dixie D'Amelio

    Dixie D'AmelioPred 3 meseci

    i can't wait for you all to see this season!

  2. Maliyah A

    Maliyah APred mesecem

    Yes 👏🏿

  3. Maliyah A

    Maliyah APred mesecem


  4. ems

    emsPred 2 meseci


  5. yara ahmed

    yara ahmedPred 2 meseci


  6. Daisy Brittain

    Daisy BrittainPred 2 meseci

    Do you have a twin

  7. Juli Weasly

    Juli WeaslyPred 3 dnevi

    um i think i missed quiet a lot of episodes...

  8. ♡EllaMeyxoxo♡

    ♡EllaMeyxoxo♡Pred 7 dnevi

    Honestly I enjoy Dixie's show

  9. Reo -tan

    Reo -tanPred 13 dnevi

    I love how the Dixie in white is so enthusiastic and Dixie in black is just there answering the questions straight forwardly

  10. Ειρηνη Παντελιου

    Ειρηνη ΠαντελιουPred 14 dnevi

    Dixie: i sing if u wanna hear sm Charli: *sings* Dixie: that was rlly good Charli: thanks i know

  11. StacyxTwenty

    StacyxTwentyPred 14 dnevi


  12. Sarycah George

    Sarycah GeorgePred 21 dnevom

    What the hell

  13. Emmanuel Mata

    Emmanuel MataPred 27 dnevi


  14. ㅤ𝑁𝑖𝑐𝑘𝑦 ❀ㅤ

    ㅤ𝑁𝑖𝑐𝑘𝑦 ❀ㅤPred mesecem

    "started it because Charli didn't want to work and she was being a little brat like always" the best part LMAO

  15. MaRiel's

    MaRiel'sPred mesecem

    Lol i saw charli

  16. 5jwiq Iojwio21

    5jwiq Iojwio21Pred mesecem

    why is she actually funny and interesting only when shes talking to herself lmfao

  17. Sierra Fay

    Sierra FayPred mesecem

    2:05 i’m confused

  18. Nam Le

    Nam LePred mesecem

    WAIT WHAT why is there 2 Dixie’s 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 1:53

  19. Haneen A

    Haneen APred mesecem

    Hahahahahaha i liked the 4:47 moment, i love you guys 😩😂♥️

  20. mia prince

    mia princePred mesecem

    literally nobody asked for this

  21. luizkellyterceno channel

    luizkellyterceno channelPred mesecem

    I'm confusing Dixie talking to other dixie

  22. moon light

    moon lightPred mesecem

    The set up is so cuteeee

  23. moon light

    moon lightPred mesecem

    This is pretty iconic✨

  24. Fan charli Damelio

    Fan charli DamelioPred mesecem


  25. Maliyah A

    Maliyah APred mesecem


  26. Maliyah A

    Maliyah APred mesecem


  27. Grace55 muir

    Grace55 muirPred mesecem

    What how

  28. Ravleen Sidhu

    Ravleen SidhuPred 2 meseci

    Me thinking that Dixie has a twin! Does she?

  29. Nishat Ak Rettri

    Nishat Ak RettriPred 2 meseci

    She interviewing herself because nobody want to interview

  30. Nishat Ak Rettri

    Nishat Ak RettriPred 2 meseci

    Lol calling herself famous

  31. Alayna Hall

    Alayna HallPred 2 meseci

    Watch season 3 be on tv

  32. Honeybebies

    HoneybebiesPred 2 meseci

    i love Dixie

  33. Rohin

    RohinPred 2 meseci

    i’m not a huge fan of the damelios but sorry, that charli clip was SO funny

  34. 15, Leisha Sharma, 5-E

    15, Leisha Sharma, 5-EPred 2 meseci

    pagal hume S1 ki hi zaruat nahi thui S2 kyun le ayyi

  35. Ramasamy Wendy

    Ramasamy WendyPred 2 meseci

    Tell me if I'm trppin or not because in a moment I saw Charlie damelio

  36. Karen Smith

    Karen SmithPred 2 meseci

    1:30 that is really leo of you Dixie

  37. Bassie Migan

    Bassie MiganPred 2 meseci

    So they cloned her using Chali to be the look alike.....

  38. Bassie Migan

    Bassie MiganPred mesecem

    @Nezuko Chan Editz OK it's fine

  39. Nezuko Chan Editz

    Nezuko Chan EditzPred 2 meseci

    no you can record and dixie the interviewer is gonna ask the question and then dixie the guest will be on the other side answer the questions and they put the two clips together and split them in the middle and connect the clips fix the sound and yeah.

  40. Anne-Linn Bang

    Anne-Linn BangPred 2 meseci

    Its charli

  41. chloe soh

    chloe sohPred 2 meseci

    the sudden moment when charli popped up me: WAIT WHA- how tf did charli end up there.( at first i thought it was a glitch but i watched it a few times and CLEARLY, ahem. it was not.)

  42. Krystle Morrissey

    Krystle MorrisseyPred 2 meseci

    Dixie: SoMeTiMeS i DoNt WaNnA bE hApPy also dixie: That was realy good Charli: thank u I know

  43. Honeybebies

    HoneybebiesPred 2 meseci

    charli 4:48

  44. Honeybebies

    HoneybebiesPred 2 meseci


  45. Lamar Shalabi

    Lamar ShalabiPred 2 meseci

    Sometimes I don’t wanna be happy 😂

  46. Dianna Tv

    Dianna TvPred 2 meseci

    Wait am confused their are two dixie's🤔🤔🤔

  47. alliyah jane Dechosa

    alliyah jane DechosaPred 2 meseci

    Who is the real dixie

  48. Rose AGT

    Rose AGTPred 2 meseci

    I "finally" got my own show. Jesus how much more entitled can a few teenagers whose entire career formed on a social media platform be?

  49. Lauren Courtney

    Lauren CourtneyPred 2 meseci

    Who else thinks this should be on Netflix it’s that good xx

  50. Delaney Doucette

    Delaney DoucettePred 2 meseci


  51. xkyliee

    xkylieePred 2 meseci

    why there are two dixies?😳❤️😅

  52. Addison Bourgoie

    Addison BourgoiePred 2 meseci

    Love this your the best host and this is the best show ever

  53. Swaggbailey

    SwaggbaileyPred 2 meseci

    Dixie just talking about herself😂

  54. Maira

    MairaPred 2 meseci

    First this show looked like a joke Now Wow Mad respect

  55. prettyplays

    prettyplaysPred 2 meseci

    Omg dixie is the queen i love her❤❤❤

  56. Ele _

    Ele _Pred 2 meseci


  57. Nouf

    NoufPred 2 meseci

    Why there is two dixies

  58. Gheorge

    GheorgePred 2 meseci

    1:50 🤣🤣🤣

  59. Hassan Amir

    Hassan AmirPred 2 meseci

    That is literally her interviewing herself 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  60. jupiter

    jupiterPred 2 meseci


  61. Francisco Morales

    Francisco MoralesPred 2 meseci

    We need a second episode with dixie!!!!

  62. TheNiShow

    TheNiShowPred 2 meseci

    Love the contrast: black and white.

  63. Maren R

    Maren RPred 2 meseci

    her saying the music video was mad in her backyard sounds like a small little home video when it's actually a full blown production in a million dollar home

  64. Salma Elwy

    Salma ElwyPred 2 meseci


  65. riq3L

    riq3LPred 2 meseci

    No cause I’m actually happy because it started from being in the house and now it has an amazing background and everything

  66. Angel

    AngelPred 2 meseci


  67. Josie Decker

    Josie DeckerPred 2 meseci

    4:54 not her calling out griffin AGAIN lol


    DELEILAH TAFILIPred 2 meseci

    the one in white sounds like charliiiii

  69. Yakub Namara

    Yakub NamaraPred 2 meseci

    Is Charli posing to be Dixie(the host) while Dixie is actually the special guest?

  70. Addixson Rae

    Addixson RaePred 2 meseci


  71. Addixson Rae

    Addixson RaePred 2 meseci

    Wait how did u multiply ur self twice just to interview ur self i dont get how there to yous

  72. Delin Nina

    Delin NinaPred 2 meseci

    Uhmmmn wait IS this Charli Turned to Dixi

  73. remas7593

    remas7593Pred 2 meseci

    😚❤Video Kyut

  74. Nouni’s Corner

    Nouni’s CornerPred 2 meseci

    At first I was like hmm..✨Dixie’s one show✨ as a joke, but bro...I don’t think it’s a joke anymore

  75. Nouni’s Corner

    Nouni’s CornerPred mesecem


  76. 5jwiq Iojwio21

    5jwiq Iojwio21Pred mesecem


  77. Fairy.alley. rblx

    Fairy.alley. rblxPred 2 meseci

    Does she have a twin?

  78. Fairy.alley. rblx

    Fairy.alley. rblxPred 2 meseci


  79. Kesha does everything

    Kesha does everythingPred 2 meseci

    0:27 and 0:45 lol

  80. Aishah

    AishahPred 2 meseci

    4:47 What the Lord was that?

  81. The Awesome 4Some

    The Awesome 4SomePred 2 meseci

    Tf was this 🤣♥️

  82. •Şevvalsu• Bitmez

    •Şevvalsu• BitmezPred 2 meseci

    I love you dixsie sister glad you are, by the way, you are very beautiful even though I am Turkish, I love you very much and I watch you with pleasure and a lot of people like me (turkish) people are watching you 💕

  83. Jordan Jumbo

    Jordan JumboPred 2 meseci


  84. Nicole Barda

    Nicole BardaPred 2 meseci

    I love dixi

  85. Jessica Nguyen

    Jessica NguyenPred 2 meseci

    Charli’s mood

  86. Isabelle Fardella

    Isabelle FardellaPred 2 meseci


  87. Oyeoluwa Babatope

    Oyeoluwa BabatopePred 2 meseci

    This is a great video, Dixie.

  88. Andrea Reyes

    Andrea ReyesPred 2 meseci

    When people with money wanna do something:

  89. Emily Pacheco

    Emily PachecoPred 2 meseci

    It was actually good when Charlie sang

  90. It’s Luna Mehhh

    It’s Luna MehhhPred 2 meseci

    At 4:48 it was charli

  91. Maisa Garcia

    Maisa GarciaPred 2 meseci

    bff please have louis tomlinson as a guest

  92. Jana Greňová

    Jana GreňováPred 2 meseci

    you is double dixi

  93. Saskia Schnoor

    Saskia SchnoorPred 2 meseci

    Where is where? Dixie

  94. Bara Blahova

    Bara BlahovaPred 2 meseci

    Hello Dixie

  95. Ziha Parker

    Ziha ParkerPred 2 meseci

    When are we going to see your show on hulu

  96. Camille and Shantel

    Camille and ShantelPred 2 meseci

    When she turned into charli I was like 😳

  97. Geovany Castellon

    Geovany CastellonPred 2 meseci

    11:33 😅🤣

  98. Sofia Franco Rodrigues

    Sofia Franco RodriguesPred 2 meseci


  99. Pastel Templet

    Pastel TempletPred 2 meseci

    Dixei"charli was being a brat like always " Charlie out of no were 🖕

  100. Steen Juping

    Steen JupingPred 2 meseci


  101. isu

    isuPred 2 meseci

    wow that was actually entertaining to watch👍

  102. Jak

    JakPred 2 meseci

    oops anyone saw charli

  103. Mariam Muzashvili

    Mariam MuzashviliPred 2 meseci

    Hah charli lol 😅

  104. esperanza larrain

    esperanza larrainPred 2 meseci

    i love you dixie

  105. Jenohn Lui

    Jenohn LuiPred 2 meseci

    Dixie that was really good charil thanks ik

  106. Oluchi Concepta

    Oluchi ConceptaPred 2 meseci


  107. dani klemke

    dani klemkePred 2 meseci

    How does Dixie interview herself on this episode?

  108. The Rare fam is Loyalty

    The Rare fam is LoyaltyPred 2 meseci

    OMG I love your vids am literly crying

  109. Amanda Cooper

    Amanda CooperPred 2 meseci

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA goddddddddddddddd not me thinking it was charli