The Truth About Jeff Wittek's Accident | Dixie D'Amelio

Hi everyone! I'm so excited about this weeks guest on The Early Late Night Show. You might know him for making people feel uncomfortable on his show Jeff's Barber Shop. Today he opens up about his near death experience and how his show was cancelled.

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  1. v fv

    v fvPred 2 dnevi

    How does she have a show lol? No personality whatsoever

  2. Spicy McGee

    Spicy McGeePred 2 dnevi

    Jeff is so dope dude lol gotta love him

  3. Jamis Rose

    Jamis RosePred 2 dnevi

    She got real giddy around Jeff 👀

  4. Salty Vlogs

    Salty VlogsPred 3 dnevi

    Jeff is my favorite 😂

  5. Ss Cx

    Ss CxPred 3 dnevi

    Jeff is a better host of this show than Dixie.

  6. Blxnko

    BlxnkoPred 4 dnevi

    best guest ever

  7. Angel Torrez

    Angel TorrezPred 4 dnevi

    Funny asf 😭

  8. justin

    justinPred 4 dnevi

    This show is the stupidest most self righteous thing. God forbid she gets a real talk show.

  9. Silva Sends

    Silva SendsPred 4 dnevi


  10. Dannox

    DannoxPred 5 dnevi

    gets his head split the fuck up... soooo? did u have a concussion?

  11. Yeeeeee yeeeeeee

    Yeeeeee yeeeeeeePred 8 dnevi

    Jeff fucking post more broooo

  12. Yeeeeee yeeeeeee

    Yeeeeee yeeeeeeePred 8 dnevi

    I fucking love Jeff he’s so dam funny my god

  13. luna thelegand

    luna thelegandPred 9 dnevi

    Jeff killed James

  14. luna thelegand

    luna thelegandPred 9 dnevi

    Jeff is MIB

  15. Quinn Devora

    Quinn DevoraPred 10 dnevi

    This is avery chill show, love this. Not the typical talk show. It feels good. I mean lots of ppl would love those kinda type of talk show more and roast dixie for hers, but you dont have to watch it if its not your cup of tea. Dont bother watching.

  16. Kapriloll

    KaprilollPred 10 dnevi

    Love how he used his injuries as an excuse for the cloud 😂👌🏼 (not a hate comment)

  17. George Ayala

    George AyalaPred 12 dnevi

    This is so bad I love it

  18. Courtney Cook

    Courtney CookPred 15 dnevi

    I need his crew neck omg


    THE AMAZING WOGPred 16 dnevi

    Well he fucked lied. He didn’t upload no moble fucken barbershop.

  20. Adrien

    AdrienPred 17 dnevi

    Dixie hasn’t lived enough life to be able to respond to him. She has no personality besides have an attitude

  21. balachandran k

    balachandran kPred 15 dnevi

    she don’t need it . any shit she uploads get plenty views & get positive comments like ohh dixie this is the episode from their teen fans

  22. Fernando Valenzuela Lopez

    Fernando Valenzuela LopezPred 17 dnevi


  23. FAMOUStheproducer

    FAMOUStheproducerPred 17 dnevi

    This is the worst show I’ve ever seen.

  24. Raziel Ramos

    Raziel RamosPred 17 dnevi

    Dixie is so not adaptable. Clearly shows no talent. Cmon people

  25. Joseph Garrobo

    Joseph GarroboPred 17 dnevi

    Is it me or these girls just getting old?🤣

  26. Nejia Abidi Malki

    Nejia Abidi MalkiPred 19 dnevi

    okay but why does he look so cute with buns !

  27. Ross Benjamin

    Ross BenjaminPred 20 dnevi

    More jeff

  28. Isabella Bender yeah yeah

    Isabella Bender yeah yeahPred 20 dnevi

    "Did you get a concussion?!?!?!" 💀💀💀

  29. moska21

    moska21Pred 20 dnevi

    Dixie has 0 charisma, my got did they edited this video to make her look so dry or is just wat they can get out of her

  30. sara kate

    sara katePred 20 dnevi

    Whyyyy does she even have a “talk” show. She’s terrible at talking lol. He carried the whole conversation and show lol

  31. Nicco Boss

    Nicco BossPred 20 dnevi

    Talent doesn't matter anymore. Sad af... 7 million subscribers for this show? For this crap? 🤦‍♂️

  32. Montana Orvis Torek

    Montana Orvis TorekPred 20 dnevi

    I want mosey on the show

  33. David house

    David housePred 21 dnevom

    Honestly love you both Dixie needs to get high with you. Little bit of a spliff never hurt nobody

  34. Alex D

    Alex DPred 23 dnevi

    This chick better get everything she can while it lasts because she doesn’t have a future in the entertainment business.

  35. Mar Gon

    Mar GonPred 23 dnevi

    Jeff carrying the show

  36. Sarah Fowler

    Sarah FowlerPred 23 dnevi

    jeff is actually so funny

  37. valor 11

    valor 11Pred 24 dnevi

    Out of all the days and months he picks it ends up being my birthday lmao may 11th just wrong year.

  38. Suliman Musawi

    Suliman MusawiPred 24 dnevi

    Man-dam has tns

  39. I'm That high guy

    I'm That high guyPred 24 dnevi

    Its like jeff is hosting the show

  40. Isabella C

    Isabella CPred 25 dnevi

    i feel like a lot of people don’t get jeff’s humor

  41. Keeda

    KeedaPred 25 dnevi

    I wanna meet Jeff 😩😂😂

  42. DZ Virale

    DZ ViralePred 26 dnevi

    Man shes boring af

  43. D D

    D DPred 26 dnevi

    who is this lady? she sucks. I came here from jefffffffffm

  44. Dhruv Kulkarni

    Dhruv KulkarniPred 27 dnevi

    Definitely the funniest episode EVER!!!

  45. Dhruv Kulkarni

    Dhruv KulkarniPred 27 dnevi


  46. Dhruv Kulkarni

    Dhruv KulkarniPred 27 dnevi

    i diedddd this was so funny

  47. Dhruv Kulkarni

    Dhruv KulkarniPred 27 dnevi


  48. Dreco

    DrecoPred 27 dnevi

    Why she sound slow.

  49. erika s.

    erika s.Pred 27 dnevi

    He came on and the vibe was instant eric andre show. Jeff is such a force

  50. strangeNtwizted

    strangeNtwiztedPred 28 dnevi

    Ngl this had no substance matter and could have been way better but funny

  51. Peanut

    PeanutPred 28 dnevi

    Is Jeffs character meant to be funny ? Sincerely confused 🤷‍♀️

  52. Callum Cope

    Callum CopePred 28 dnevi

    She might be the worst interviewer of all time

  53. moeller013

    moeller013Pred 28 dnevi

    This is amazing stuff by jeff lol

  54. King Joseph

    King JosephPred 28 dnevi

    I thought that girl was Demi potato for a second.

  55. Carlie Seaton

    Carlie SeatonPred 28 dnevi

    This is Jeff’s show now

  56. Erin

    ErinPred 29 dnevi

    Jeff's sense of humor is the best hahahhaha

  57. SOC OdEN

    SOC OdENPred 29 dnevi

    Godamn CJ jeff is to real

  58. Nicolette Diaz

    Nicolette DiazPred 29 dnevi

    She’s so odd

  59. Haris Ahmed

    Haris AhmedPred 29 dnevi

    Jeff is the guy>>>

  60. Josh Gonzalez

    Josh GonzalezPred mesecem

    Jeff carried this conversation like ive never seen someone carry a convo before, Jeff is a legend

  61. M B

    M BPred mesecem

    i just love jeffs humor

  62. Daniel J. White

    Daniel J. WhitePred mesecem

    I still don't know if this is a real show or not but Jeff is the homie

  63. Sandro

    SandroPred mesecem

    Dixie should give all revenue to jeff he lead the ep hahaha

  64. Pataganja

    PataganjaPred mesecem

    How you got 7 million followers and get less than a million views and less than 50k likes

  65. steve

    stevePred mesecem

    Good on you Jeff for X'ing Dave P.

  66. Sakshi Hirode

    Sakshi HirodePred mesecem

    I was like who's Fletch in the blue print now I get 😂😂

  67. Bri Girl

    Bri GirlPred mesecem

    I signed in just to comment 😂 He said “ we’re going mobile” so we can drive to your house now bahahaha lol 😂

  68. QF Distribution

    QF DistributionPred mesecem

    Actually episode was good, impressed, keep entertaining!!

  69. Ayden

    AydenPred mesecem

    Why was she laughing like she got a crush on him

  70. n.s

    n.sPred mesecem

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAA JEFF spray painting his name on top of Dave Portnoy 🤭😂😂😂

  71. jang kim

    jang kimPred mesecem

    Yo Jeff killed, he was funny and signing his name over Portnoy was classic.

  72. Kyle Cortellini

    Kyle CortelliniPred mesecem

    Yo Jeff cracks me the f up 🤣

  73. Zain

    ZainPred mesecem

    how is she famous

  74. Francisco Virgen

    Francisco VirgenPred mesecem

    Fight Bella you squares.

  75. Clayton Clifford

    Clayton CliffordPred mesecem

    Dixie just seems like she doesn’t know what she’s doing or have any idea what her show is

  76. Kash

    KashPred mesecem

    He carried the whole episode

  77. Chris Rizzo

    Chris RizzoPred mesecem

    Dixie wants that JEFF FM D.

  78. Ximena Cornejo Jaqui

    Ximena Cornejo JaquiPred mesecem

    Her laugh sounds annoying 😐

  79. Gabriel Novelo

    Gabriel NoveloPred mesecem


  80. RudeBoy Jude

    RudeBoy JudePred mesecem

    Dixie defo wants a taste

  81. Khalessi

    KhalessiPred mesecem

    Just why did she make a Dixie Show? She’s such a dry person with no emotion like her music. Like is this even her show I can’t tell cause she can’t even hold an conversation. This was just cringe and awkward watching. She just DOSEN’T have the right personality for this. Having a lot of money leave a lot of opportunity’s but for the wrong person

  82. O O O

    O O OPred mesecem

    dixies reactions to jeff’s humor is amazing

  83. Trevor 357

    Trevor 357Pred mesecem

    God these Damelio girls have no personalities or sense of humor. It’s so cringe to watch. Love Jeff though

  84. Ravnite Sanchez

    Ravnite SanchezPred mesecem


  85. Ravnite Sanchez

    Ravnite SanchezPred mesecem


  86. Ravnite Sanchez

    Ravnite SanchezPred mesecem


  87. Ravnite Sanchez

    Ravnite SanchezPred mesecem


  88. Ravnite Sanchez

    Ravnite SanchezPred mesecem


  89. Ravnite Sanchez

    Ravnite SanchezPred mesecem


  90. Ravnite Sanchez

    Ravnite SanchezPred mesecem


  91. Ravnite Sanchez

    Ravnite SanchezPred mesecem


  92. i play roblox

    i play robloxPred mesecem


  93. Reaper YT

    Reaper YTPred mesecem

    Bro wtf is this am only because of my boy jeff

  94. Dimi Pats

    Dimi PatsPred mesecem

    She is so bad at hosting guests. Barely even asked Jeff any questions he carried the convisation

  95. O O O

    O O OPred mesecem

    jeff is really creative. like no joke, mans spontaneously and wittily creates hypothetical scenarios for humor and has like a whole conversation with himself

  96. RupRup Rup

    RupRup RupPred mesecem

    Wtf is this

  97. Celebrities Spot

    Celebrities SpotPred mesecem

    Why are y’all hating on rich people 😭- it’s not changing shit

  98. Leighton Kane

    Leighton KanePred mesecem

    5:05 lol I like how she got a little scared when they threw the hair products at him even though he is sitting 20 feet away lol and only has one good eye hahaha

  99. Leighton Kane

    Leighton KanePred mesecem

    God she is so bad !! Especially with those glasses on LOL

  100. Emily Adamson

    Emily AdamsonPred mesecem

    “It looked like something was underneath there” 😂😂😂😂

  101. Carson Christensen

    Carson ChristensenPred mesecem

    She’s a terrible host lol. She has no questions for him and the laugh tracks are so cringe…I’m not trying to hate but it’s really bad. Jeff is just funny regardless so that’s good. The set is also to big, it makes the people look small. The show isn’t about the set it’s about the people being interviewed. And then all they can come up with is doing a skit of his show…not clever. Don’t take this as hate it’s constructive criticism.