I Interviewed the Worlds Angriest Person | Dixie D’Amelio

Hi everyone! This week on the Early Late Night Show I had such an awesome guest. Oneya was on the show! We talked about the first time we met, how he started angry reactions, and what's next for Oneya. Thanks so much for watching!

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  1. DreamSMP

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    I think i maybe in love with him

  3. Heydi Ventura

    Heydi VenturaPred 2 dnevi

    He’s beautiful 🥺

  4. Kicks Solid

    Kicks SolidPred 3 dnevi

    I could see them being a better couple than Noah

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    Btchsss GirlaaaPred 3 dnevi

    patutlah dua bradik kena kcam tkde mnfaat lngsung 😂 pstu buat show syok sndri lahai

  6. Kaelyn The Rat

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    He is Soooo Sweet I would love to meet him❤

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    susannePred 6 dnevi

    Why is he so adorable for no reason when he smiles.

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    This is easily my favourite episode



    I laughed so many times during this vid lol❤😂

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    I love his personalityyyy

  12. Saba Mansooribirjandi

    Saba MansooribirjandiPred 10 dnevi

    I really want to hug this angry-looking sweet inside dude.

  13. ADD and GREY

    ADD and GREYPred 10 dnevi

    he’s so much nicer then i thought! i’ve always seen him angry and he always seemed scary 😜

  14. AAO Tube

    AAO TubePred 10 dnevi

    Angry: That's Charli Puth Subtitle: That's Charli poop

  15. Brynn Bonnell

    Brynn BonnellPred 10 dnevi

    This is my fav interview by far!! He’s so humble.

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    Nice hosting dixie

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    he is so sweet

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    He’s so humble ☺️

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    why did you bring him into your mess? smh

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    I saw Tik tok on my dads phone .

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    Jesus is working in your life, I believe that. Know that he can restore anyone and anything, regardless where you come from. This is why I KNOW AND BELIEVE THAT JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD AND SAVIOR❤️✝️✨

  23. Jayclyn Barber

    Jayclyn BarberPred 14 dnevi

    Dixie I love your laugh

  24. Simplypancho_

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    Oneya is the best person ever

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    I love this vid this made my day and made me laugh❤️😊

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    She has to have Bryce on herE

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    Dixie sucks at hosting man. Her guest often feels uncomfortable and I feel uncomfortable watching too.

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    12:31 p.o.v: SHE MET LIL UZI😛😛😛

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    Alexander JamesPred 16 dnevi

    Love how, The world’s angriest person has a personality better than that tiktoker

  35. Alexander James

    Alexander JamesPred 3 dnevi

    @zahra ali you're a 10-year-old right??

  36. zahra ali

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    hey talked about, negative energy. so your personality isn’t close to his

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  38. Angelica Soto

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    Bella poarch on the show would be good

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    one of my favorite episodes ngl

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    Hi Dixie!!! I love the song be happy it’s literally my feelings irl well thanks Dixie!! Love ya!

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    God and Jesus christ are kings.

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    He is such an amazing person I love all his videos

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    Literally my favorite tik toker!!! Loved the interview and hope I get to meet him one day!!! 💕💗

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    Him saying Charlie Puth , the captions : Charlie Poof, Charlie Poop 😂

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    omg he’s so sweet. i can’t look at him and not smile

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    I watched the first few videos of this series when they were at her house and now she has a whole studio. I am so surprised

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    Subscribe to the NDL and Niko Omilana or you’re a schmuck

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