Olivia O’Brien On Her Craziest Fan Encounter | Dixie D’Amelio

Hi everyone! I'm so happy to finally have @Olivia O'Brien on the show. We had a lot of fun together talking about music, going on tour, and her craziest fan encounter.

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  1. avachalamet

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    i love olivia’s personality shes so chill

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    Olivia, my birthday twin 😌

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    Can u pls interview Tate McRae??

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  8. Stella Bow

    Stella BowPred 19 dnevi

    Not everyone can pull off red lipstick but....Damnnnn,It looks hella nice on Dixie.ALSO HER OUTFITS ARE FUCKING STUNNING!!!!I LOVE HER SO MUCHHH

  9. Life With Daniel

    Life With DanielPred 23 dnevi

    I’m surprised that to this day Olivia sang the I hate u I love u song 😨😨😨

  10. L tilli

    L tilliPred 25 dnevi

    The girl they were talking about , ya they were prob all being fake and acting like they were friends with her ....I wanna hear *HER* story. They were prob inviting her places and then turned on her like typical vapid Hollywood tricks.

  11. Najeeb Kids

    Najeeb KidsPred 29 dnevi

    QUEENS 👑👸🏼👸🏻

  12. Ava Snow

    Ava SnowPred 29 dnevi

    the girl she is talking abt also did this to mike logan’s friend

  13. SuperChiko 2.3

    SuperChiko 2.3Pred mesecem

    I appreciate everyone we're all Stars and bright diamond Boss's

  14. Emma Love

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    Olivia O’Brien is a really good artist

  15. Vale Falvo

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  16. Sawan AlGhazal

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    Is it just me or do I feel that they look alike

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  19. Roman Spencer

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    Nah Dixie this fit go crazy the whole damn thing. What fabric are those pants, wear that

  20. James Morgan

    James MorganPred mesecem

    She doesn't have any fans looool. Not one time have I ever heard someone say "ay throw on that new Olivia o brien" 😂😭ppl only know her for shaking her ass in David's vlogs

  21. Raquel Taouk

    Raquel TaoukPred mesecem

    I’m sorry but what’s with everyone and black nail polish lately, like it quite ugly but I still love Dixie

  22. Aixa eden Vallejo sanchez

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  23. darlene chavez

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    Who’s this Sofia girl they are talking about ????

  24. מלקאנא מלקאנא

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    دكسي دامليو

  25. Athari Humaid Amer Humaid Al Mahrooqi JAN-IT-0806

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    I don't like you I say

  26. Zian Castañares

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    hi 👋

  27. rizwan farhad

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    Omfg dixie is so awkward she isn’t meant to be a host


    NOAHS BONDIBEACHPred mesecem

    WHOS IS THIS GIRL???? THe internet must find her..the one who snuck in./

  29. Clareth Herazo

    Clareth HerazoPred mesecem

    Olivia o'brien? OMGGGGGG😭💐💐

  30. Mamá gamer oficial Maria

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    Dixie❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I love you🥰

  31. Reid Shafer

    Reid ShaferPred mesecem

    why doesn't she talk about being trans

  32. Phuc Nguyen

    Phuc NguyenPred mesecem

    This is so dam cringe

  33. Brea Regans

    Brea RegansPred mesecem

    Jesus is your way to heaven. When you believe that he paid the price for your sins you are sealed and saved forever.

  34. chez tokpec

    chez tokpecPred mesecem

    Dixie darmaniofattie

  35. Delany Hillier

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    You need to get Olivia rodrego

  36. Adil El kahlaoui

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    Wehre is Charlie

  37. No Tears Left In Butera

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    Olivia: ♐ Dixie: ♌ 🔥

  38. s

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    that fan was so wild! kinda wanna be friends with her

  39. Bluemoon edits H

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    Imagine saying the n word

  40. Thriller

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    Anyone know the name of the nikes Olivia is wearing?

  41. Imène El Abed

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    I love you Dixie 💖💜

  42. chyann payne

    chyann paynePred mesecem

    Whos this Sofia chick. Logan Paul also talked about that girl on his podcast with Mike and jake lmfao.

  43. lonzyly at ichiraku

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  44. TedTheDreamer

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    Olivia looks like girl James Charles tf

  45. Over Over

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    Ok cool I guess

  46. Cecilia Osorio

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    hello dixi, can you send a greeting please greetings from paraguay :-D leave many likes for dixi to see

  47. Angrykid700

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    Dixie makes me feel smart look how braindead she looks!!!

  48. Dude :p

    Dude :pPred mesecem

    You know, I’ve seen people go through actual shit in their lives. Addiction, being homeless, even losing their parents. I have never seen a more spoiled and ungrateful person than Dixie, and I’ve seen plenty of these tiktokers nowadays. The amount she complains about not being happy and then seeing how she turns around and treats people, or just acts over dramatic at simple things. You complain that people give you shit on the internet like that’s the worst thing you’ve been through in your life, when most normal people your age are working multiple jobs (including myself) to make sure they don’t end up in a shelter and experiencing actual sadness, yet we don’t make a music video about it. I just am heartbroken to see girls like this who seem smart yet make a choice to be bratty and treat the world like it revolves around them. But I say keep going, because even though they relish in their fame, the more the world sees how ridiculous and sick you are. Basically like the hunger games, that’s how normal people see you. That unworldly and ridiculous.

  49. ☁️ Ari’s Cloud’s ☁️

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    Dixie we’ve been chatting on PicsArt is it really you @daltianaxxxx 🥺💕

  50. brooke.

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    dixie is so fucking pretty.

  51. Maria Tijerina

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    Dixie I think you should prank Noah beck

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    Dixe you are in danger go to 2021 vision

  53. Kittylover2021

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    did olivia sing empty

  54. SnagleTooth Bass

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    Well this really isn't what I was looking for but... I wish I was in Dixie.

  55. Cringe_Gurl

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    Dixes hair shines like a star in space and those pink pants look gucci man work it Dixie

  56. Lily Lowrié

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    Hi Dixi im verry happy de t'écrire bécasse im fan !(sorry im french )☺❤❤❤ im québécoise 🇨🇦

  57. ام سلهوف

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    Can you bring milly bobby brown or noah schnapp or bella poarch on you show

  58. kami

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    the way i used to think olivia o’brien and dylan o’brien were related😭

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    That’s what I thought too I googled it😭😭

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    Hello DIXI ai love you

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    ohhh olivia wrote it

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  64. Barry Jones

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    Dixie is so gorgeous on that red lipstick 👏🔥!!! She slays tho love watching her late late night show content!! interviewing having an amazing conversation with her friends and other iconic celebrities

  65. ▪︎Luana borges▪︎

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    I'm a fan of charli d'amelio i'm of fan dexie 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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    Sounds like the same girl who did the same thing to tanna and Ashley🤔😂🤣😂

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    who else is only watching this because of THE QUEEN Olivia O’brien? 🙋‍♀️

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    Dixie is beutiful

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    I am T. Ürk is

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    this was the worst interview of all time.

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    this video is worth it watching just to see olivia

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    gg for the terrible welcome. we like it. in fact its stupid we can see your hand doing bad things.


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    narrator in the intro sound like the dude who announced the krabby patty secret formula

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    Love this look

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    The Fact that Dixie comes on the show with these amazing outfits she has great taste

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    They have the same face no?

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    dixie l am a huge fan of you and Charli l was hoping you and Charli can do a zoom with me

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    Love You 😘😘😘

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    Dixie is amazing her voice is beautiful she shouldn’t listen to the haters because at least she has more confidence then they do to even share her voice with people .

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    Why tf I’m I subscribed ew

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    Now I wanna know who this fan is she’s so weird 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



    Bloody has no other work..

  92. blackpink official

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    Literally even me i didn't knew at first that I hate you I love was Olivia o'briene song

  93. Ljedwards

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    I love how America thought having more than events with over 250 people was harmful But legit Australia thought any one who wasn’t living in your house hold is harmful And Australia have only had a maximum of 10 deaths the whole year and a half

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    The red outfit is so beautiful

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    This show is so interesting to watch

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    Omg the fan experience of Olivia is so weird

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    They are so pretty

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    Omg Dixie looks so perfect

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    Dixie looks soooo beautiful and they’re both so nice❤️

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    Damn I never knew she sang that song

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    red lipstick is a def for Dixie, red as a whole bro