Dixie D'Amelio - Roommates (Official Video)

Roommates by Dixie D'Amelio

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Director | Chandler Lass
Video Commissioner | Dominic West
Production Company | SixTwentySix Productions

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I got plenty of roommates
Even when I’m alone
I’ve never known any silence
They turn my head into home
And they keep me awake
With a vacancy sign

Yeah I got plenty of roommates
And they’re all in my mind

I try to be patient
Take medication
So I can feel alright

But that voice in my head
Seems like it’s obsessed
With keeping me up all night
Yeah it knows every part of me
And causes all my anxiety
It just ain’t fair
It shouldn’t be there

I’m overthinking lately
The pressure’s gonna break me
Feeling like everything’s changing
And I can’t control the situation

I got plenty of roommates
Even when I’m alone
I’ve never known any silence
They turn my head into home
And they keep me awake
With a vacancy sign

Yeah I got plenty of roommates
And they’re all in my mind

They say that I’m shy
Cuz most I days I try
To hide away and stay inside
Drown out the noise
By picking a poison
That makes me lose my mind
Start to think walls are caving in
I feel weaker than I’ve ever been
It just ain’t fair
I shouldn’t be scared

I’m overthinking lately
The pressure’s gonna break me
Feeling like everything’s changing
And I can’t control the situation

Yeah I
Try to kick em out
Try to turn em down
But they’re getting real loud
And I’m
Scared to know that they’re
Not going anywhere
But I’m not moving out I
Guess that I got to live with all these roommates
Guess that I got to live with all these roommates

I got plenty of roommates
Even when I’m alone
I’ve never known any silence
They turn my head into home
And they keep me awake
With a vacancy sign

Yeah I got plenty of roommates
And they’re all in my mind


  1. Jade Melvin

    Jade MelvinPred 16 urami

    Dixie you are so beautiful and pretty I love you and you and Noah are so cute and I'm so proud of you ily

  2. Raya Cilia IRAKOZE

    Raya Cilia IRAKOZEPred 17 urami

    Why do every Dixie's song always sound familiar to another song but I just can't remember wich one

  3. Ema Měsíčková

    Ema MěsíčkováPred 21 uro


  4. Radostina Aladjova

    Radostina AladjovaPred 22 urami

    Hi Dixie 💕 I love you veri much,♥️♥️

  5. Foxy D

    Foxy DPred dnevom

    Well that went downhill

  6. Giorgia Bugliosi

    Giorgia BugliosiPred dnevom


  7. Any_Edits..

    Any_Edits..Pred dnevom

    This my favorite song from Dixie!

  8. Louise Mbula

    Louise MbulaPred dnevom

    I love song 😍😍

  9. (。•́-ก̀。)

    (。•́-ก̀。)Pred 2 dnevi

    Omg..they were roomates..💖

  10. The life of AVA

    The life of AVAPred 2 dnevi

    This song is “ OK “ ☹️

  11. C M -귀염둥이-

    C M -귀염둥이-Pred 2 dnevi

    i think they were roommates ? 😟

  12. Aaron guardado

    Aaron guardadoPred 2 dnevi


  13. Aisha Omarnassr

    Aisha OmarnassrPred 2 dnevi

    it shoudnt be there

  14. Alyssa Seacrest

    Alyssa SeacrestPred 2 dnevi

    Notice how she crossed out auto tune on the walls and the wall also said famous cuz of your sis

  15. goggle google

    goggle googlePred dnevom

    time lapse pleaseee

  16. Caroline Rannowane

    Caroline RannowanePred 2 dnevi

    Bruh ion what what y’all hear but this song banging ✅

  17. DeezNuts

    DeezNutsPred 2 dnevi

    No cause this song is so catchy what

  18. Milan Rozehnal

    Milan RozehnalPred 3 dnevi

    You are queen

  19. kliwkliw

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  20. charliemacamila889

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  21. ana's fan youTube

    ana's fan youTubePred 3 dnevi

    Love Dixie she beautiful

  22. Smart but loco

    Smart but locoPred 4 dnevi

    It still seems like she doesn’t know how to sing into a mic

  23. Anička Šnejberková

    Anička ŠnejberkováPred 4 dnevi

    I love Dixie 💫🤍

  24. bella 12

    bella 12Pred 4 dnevi

    Why does it say "autotune" on the wall

  25. Brandon _x_

    Brandon _x_Pred 4 dnevi

    Yall hating even tho the song has 600k likes lmaoo yall got no point at all🤣🤣

  26. Anneliese Wilson

    Anneliese WilsonPred 4 dnevi

    And they were roommates!😨

  27. Anneliese Wilson

    Anneliese WilsonPred 4 dnevi

    Omg and they where roommates😐

  28. Lily O'Bryan

    Lily O'BryanPred 4 dnevi


  29. Gharbi Zeineb

    Gharbi ZeinebPred 4 dnevi

    Wait- it’s not that bad

  30. Mond P

    Mond PPred 4 dnevi

    Eeeemmm so generic

  31. Kaydence Burke

    Kaydence BurkePred 4 dnevi

    Idk understand why dixie got so much hate like she is a really good singer yea her first song wasnt that good but she was just starting off on her music she was trying to find her voice and not all singers start off as good as most of singers that we here on the radio or we play on are phones

  32. Yeet Sisters

    Yeet SistersPred 4 dnevi

    Sis music ain’t for you

  33. justin

    justinPred 4 dnevi

    Jesus christ the autotune.

  34. Disney Channel Disney Junior TV

    Disney Channel Disney Junior TVPred 5 dnevi

    amenzeng⭐ love you all the way back from this place look like you have been here forever and you have been a great friend to us and the people of us that are so proud and 😘😘😘

  35. Haythem Bustan

    Haythem BustanPred 5 dnevi

    Why did you do this 🖕🖕🖕🖕😯😮

  36. Hareem Arif

    Hareem ArifPred 5 dnevi

    and they were roommates OMG AND THEY WERE ROOMMATES 😃🤣

  37. k e v i n 🍁

    k e v i n 🍁Pred 5 dnevi

    Demi saved her !! Bc this is so good the lyrics are literally an art ✨

  38. Charli & Dixie

    Charli & DixiePred 5 dnevi

    Аз съм най-големият фен на Charli & Dixie D'amelio!💕💗❤️🧡

  39. Davlaz 26

    Davlaz 26Pred 5 dnevi

    Imma keep it a buck wit y’all this is low key ass

  40. Bia

    BiaPred 5 dnevi

    Tá perfeito dixie

  41. Ervin Mendoza

    Ervin MendozaPred 5 dnevi

    God save us from this trash music, I rather be tortured than listen to this piece of shit of a song.

  42. mundo da thuany❤💜

    mundo da thuany❤💜Pred 5 dnevi

    Não sabia que essa música era dela

  43. Timothy Estrada

    Timothy EstradaPred 5 dnevi

    Looks like she didn't take her "normal" pills

  44. Soy Jennie

    Soy JenniePred 5 dnevi

    Hi Im Dixie F**** Boy Music My

  45. Benayah and Bryanna heart Lutete

    Benayah and Bryanna heart LutetePred 5 dnevi


  46. Jornal dos famosos

    Jornal dos famososPred 5 dnevi

    I love you Dixie, ameizing music 💖

  47. tapesbyrhea

    tapesbyrheaPred 6 dnevi

    This is actually really good. It’s her best song imo . And she looks bomb af like that hair is beautiful. And it’s also very relatable tbh

  48. KillJoy Since2017

    KillJoy Since2017Pred 6 dnevi

    I don’t know how to feel about this, there are so many amazing artists out there that aren’t getting any recognition but these mediocre tiktokers are

  49. 10B 15 Riya Negandhi

    10B 15 Riya NegandhiPred 6 dnevi


  50. Harry Potter Fan

    Harry Potter FanPred 7 dnevi

    Isn’t anyone going to talk abt how PRETTY she is?

  51. lovely weeb

    lovely weebPred 7 dnevi

    anyone here after psyco

  52. astxrism

    astxrismPred 7 dnevi

    song is actually fye dixie

  53. Mara Damron

    Mara DamronPred 7 dnevi

    I love your hair 👍🏻

  54. gachi

    gachiPred 7 dnevi

    And they were roomates 😟

  55. I x

    I xPred 8 dnevi

    lol this is acc a good song but she promoted this the least and it acc has a meaning like be happy and fuck boy mean nothing this is really really really really good

  56. Omar VANNEL

    Omar VANNELPred 8 dnevi

    this song will help me to get a LA room ? No Do i like it ? absolutely NO

  57. April BRIGHT

    April BRIGHTPred 8 dnevi

    did she actually get those tattoos???!! thats so stupid

  58. Originality TV

    Originality TVPred 8 dnevi

    I’m pretty sure those were temporarily tattoos

  59. Eveeseyde eyefje

    Eveeseyde eyefjePred 8 dnevi

    Tbh i think this is her best song

  60. Wenceslao Juarez

    Wenceslao JuarezPred 8 dnevi


  61. Kawaii Hedda :3

    Kawaii Hedda :3Pred 8 dnevi

    this is my favorite song of all Dixi'es songs! love it

  62. Kathleen Mauritz

    Kathleen MauritzPred 8 dnevi

    song so bad i wanna kms

  63. Kathleen Mauritz

    Kathleen MauritzPred 8 dnevi


  64. WooNeful

    WooNefulPred 9 dnevi

    🥲.... I wanted to check out what her music was about. Byeeee never coming here again

  65. Kamakshi Vij

    Kamakshi VijPred 9 dnevi

    Demi would have sung it way better

  66. Originality TV

    Originality TVPred 8 dnevi

    and of course you never reply to hate comments

  67. extra youtube

    extra youtubePred 9 dnevi

    Why would you compare Dixie to someone who has sung for over 10 years ? She’s a new singer and is doing the best she can plus the song isn’t bad. Obviously Demi lovato is vocally better but that doesn’t mean dixie isn’t a good singer

  68. Angie

    AngiePred 9 dnevi

    I hate how people are giving good feedback and people just be like " demi wrote it " like who gives a fuck the point is that she sang it and tbh no one asked so stop the uncessary hate😒

  69. Angie

    AngiePred 9 dnevi

    This song kinda slaps 😫🖐️

  70. just me

    just mePred 9 dnevi

    this was released 6months ago? lmao

  71. Kaedynce Cooks

    Kaedynce CooksPred 9 dnevi

    People actual listen to this shi- 🤨. Y’all its giving me very much ✨kidz bop✨

  72. Originality TV

    Originality TVPred 8 dnevi

    Some people have different taste

  73. L0S3R KITT3N

    L0S3R KITT3NPred 9 dnevi

    too bad demi never sung it

  74. alien APU

    alien APUPred 9 dnevi

    more songs like that pls, love u dixie

  75. Ace-video

    Ace-videoPred 9 dnevi

    not a bad song


    ARIANA IS A QUEENPred 10 dnevi

    I seriously don't get why people didn't pay attention to this. She cut out the word 'auto tune' on the wall. She wrote 'I know' to 'Famous because of ur sis'. Dude, her mental health was not okay, hell, who knows what she's going through now. Can ya'll just cut the toxicity.

  77. Zoe Brennan

    Zoe BrennanPred 11 dnevi

    I love this song ❤️

  78. BennyB

    BennyBPred 11 dnevi

    People who said she only got famous bcuz of her sis don't realize that charli got famous bcuz of the people who watch her videos.

  79. Brianna MJ

    Brianna MJPred 11 dnevi

    Your voice is so pretty

  80. Eibar Jane

    Eibar JanePred 12 dnevi

    I think this is my best song from Dixie 😩❤️ let’s all appreciate this song is good 😩

  81. DHS

    DHSPred 12 dnevi

    When you find out autoune is a thing and you know how to exploit it Dixie:

  82. Lion

    LionPred 12 dnevi


  83. girl

    girlPred 12 dnevi

    I think this song is the best one she wrote yet

  84. Originality TV

    Originality TVPred 8 dnevi

    She didn’t write it but I think it’s the best song she sang

  85. Nehla Amilah

    Nehla AmilahPred 10 dnevi

    She hasn't wrote any of her songs lmao😂😂

  86. Chrissy's World 🌎 ♥

    Chrissy's World 🌎 ♥Pred 12 dnevi

    Does this sound like autotune, not to me

  87. Marhama Khan

    Marhama KhanPred 12 dnevi

    Please stop the hate!!!!! it's her first time singing/writing her own songs like bro the hate this queen got on One Whole Day 😳😔

  88. Melinda Sharpe

    Melinda SharpePred 13 dnevi

    You need to stop being a b**** to Dixie


    ANUSHKA GUPTAPred 13 dnevi

    i am really sorry for her coz here she is sharing her true emotions.

  90. Alina Poltorac

    Alina PoltoracPred 13 dnevi

    you sing great Dixie!!!

  91. Brookie ❤️

    Brookie ❤️Pred 13 dnevi

    Whats with every TikToker thinking they can sing like stick to doing dances 😭

  92. Serap Yüksel

    Serap YükselPred 13 dnevi

    Hi dixi

  93. 𝙝𝙥𝙣𝙚𝙮𝙮.

    𝙝𝙥𝙣𝙚𝙮𝙮.Pred 14 dnevi

    love her or hate her she has really good style

  94. Aroni Likes Pizza

    Aroni Likes PizzaPred 14 dnevi

    So she wrote songs about her anxiety and depression and people made fun of her? Seriously, that's a shame but I guess this is the Internet, just imagine how hurtful she felt reading all those hate comments

  95. meshari almutairi almutairialjadaan

    meshari almutairi almutairialjadaanPred 15 dnevi

    Is this stupid song you made

  96. Just for fun

    Just for funPred 15 dnevi

    This is the only song of Dixie that i think is good lol others suck

  97. Yasmin Reis

    Yasmin ReisPred 16 dnevi

    Love music

  98. rosario la pro

    rosario la proPred 16 dnevi

    do you have me crazy 💕💐

  99. rosario la pro

    rosario la proPred 16 dnevi

    for you i re dieeeee😭💘

  100. rosario la pro

    rosario la proPred 16 dnevi

    you sing re mil biem my beautiful wife 🤕💘

  101. rosario la pro

    rosario la proPred 16 dnevi

    the best song I've ever heard 🛐💐

  102. Ixuki

    IxukiPred 16 dnevi

    if you would’ve released this as your first song. and had it hyped up. you wouldn’t have gotten so much hate

  103. husna Syed

    husna SyedPred 16 dnevi

    I lowkey like Dixies music

  104. husna Syed

    husna SyedPred 16 dnevi

    Why this got the Alex and co starting tho😂

  105. Ava Bell

    Ava BellPred 17 dnevi

    Hey Dixie I love you don't want anybody around I love you

  106. Candice Sayers

    Candice SayersPred 17 dnevi


  107. Jitzel Mercado

    Jitzel MercadoPred 17 dnevi