Best Friends Play White Elephant | Dixie D'Amelio

Heyy! For Christmas, we all got together for a fun weekend of Christmas content. I hope you enjoy watching us all play white elephant! We had such a great weekend together, I can't wait to do it again!! Don't forget to watch all my friend's videos from our Christmas collabs! Thanks, @James Charles @charli d'amelio @Noah Beck @Chase Hudson @LARRAY

James' video:
Charli's video:
Larray's video:
Noah's video:
Chase's video:

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  1. Anna Smith

    Anna SmithPred 3 urami

    I feel so bad for charli, Dixie was so rude

  2. Dominique Hopkins

    Dominique HopkinsPred 7 urami

    Dixie that wasn’t cool everyone was so nice and let charli keep her gift except for you who decided to be selfish.


    SABRINAPred 16 urami

    the way chase looks at charli when she touches his blanket


    COOKIE SAVAGEPred 20 urami

    I love char shes so cute lol

  5. Sylvia Arredondo

    Sylvia ArredondoPred 20 urami

    I thought it was a real White Elephant

  6. Kosana Pešić

    Kosana PešićPred dnevom

    if this are your bestfriends i'm sad for you

  7. A-M fan🤍

    A-M fan🤍Pred dnevom

    Is no one gonna talk about how Noah is like cozy with Dixie at the start🥺❤️

  8. Gamer Lily

    Gamer LilyPred dnevom

    Did anybody notice the Dixie put down Charlie’s hand when she was clapping for Chase

  9. tutoriales_capcut

    tutoriales_capcutPred 2 dnevi

    El comentarii que buscabas es español

  10. Orelina Pisu

    Orelina PisuPred 2 dnevi

    Chase Charli😍

  11. Orelina Pisu

    Orelina PisuPred 2 dnevi

    Chase Charli😍

  12. Yuktha Kommadi

    Yuktha KommadiPred 2 dnevi

    The party animal merch is is bad gift While people are actually buying it is just funny

  13. Chris Gos

    Chris GosPred 2 dnevi

    The 10:45 is myshdbhdusjhs

  14. Chris Gos

    Chris GosPred 2 dnevi

    James drrrrrrrrrrrrink

  15. Fiona Brumm

    Fiona BrummPred 3 dnevi

    What was the dixies gift that she did not show? 💝

  16. Minalice Anne

    Minalice AnnePred 3 dnevi

    Charli is looking at chase

  17. Maribelle Ortiz

    Maribelle OrtizPred 3 dnevi

    You know what Charlie needs to teach Dixie not to be the most rudest sister in the world if you see how happy you little sister is then let her be happy it’s like you like seeing your own sister sad she goes through a lot she is s grateful so you don’t need To teach her anything she is so humble Larry wanted it and he didn’t cause he’s a good friend even one of her friends wanted to see her happy but her own sister didn’t shame one you be happy and loving towards her cause if she’s gone you would wish you were a better sister so be respectful toward her happiness cause you never know what can happen do better as a sister shame on you I love you Charlie keep up the good work and awesomeness Dixie do better

  18. Taylor Nelson

    Taylor NelsonPred 3 dnevi

    Everyone was talking about how they felt bad for chase when he opened the tortilla blanket I was obsessed like yesssd

  19. Holly Acton

    Holly ActonPred 3 dnevi

    this friend group is toxic in the best way 🤣

  20. cxrizs _YT

    cxrizs _YTPred 4 dnevi

    Don’t they all live in the same house? Why can’t they just share

  21. Isabella Maldonado

    Isabella MaldonadoPred 4 dnevi

    Dixie was so suspicious of Charli when she touched chases blanket and smiled

  22. Lilian Jaqui Lesme Benitez

    Lilian Jaqui Lesme BenitezPred 4 dnevi

    hi dixie

  23. Paju Czz

    Paju CzzPred 4 dnevi

    Poor Addi

  24. lulu semeraro

    lulu semeraroPred 4 dnevi

    6:51 lol

  25. Ari L

    Ari LPred 4 dnevi

    Charlie- “get a room omg”😂

  26. SavedByMusic2012

    SavedByMusic2012Pred 5 dnevi

    Dixie flat out deserves 2b called out 4 this. It's really telling of her as a person. I can't let it go. She smiled as she did it. Like it 100% gave her pleasure. She needs 2 learn 2b grateful?? RU FREAKING SERIOUS??? B GRATEFUL UR SISTER MADE U FAMOUS & U GOT HANDED EVERYTHING & GIVE HER GIFT BACK FREAK.

  27. SavedByMusic2012

    SavedByMusic2012Pred 5 dnevi

    I have always tried 2 defend Dixie but after she stole Charlie's gift after EVERYONE said they wouldn't bcuz they could see how much she loved it & her nasty excuse "she needs 2 learn 2 appreciate stuff" I will no longer. It was really showing of her personality & what kind of person she is. It was gross. "It'll look good in my apartment" go fucking buy 1 instead of stealing from ur baby sister who if it wasn't 4 her u WOULDN'T BE FAMOUS & ud b in college in a tiny dorm biotch. She looked so hurt & sad. I gotta say a MUCH BETTER & less entitled spoiled video would of been going & giving gifts 2 homeless kids or sick kids.

  28. Nataizya Mutenukile

    Nataizya MutenukilePred 5 dnevi

    I love how Charli is so positive

  29. حلا قيمز🙂🙃

    حلا قيمز🙂🙃Pred 6 dnevi


  30. Kitty Omeima

    Kitty OmeimaPred 6 dnevi

    "Dixie helping Noah wrap the wanny pack on him"(couple goals) Charli: gEt A rOoM gOsH

  31. Jayden James

    Jayden JamesPred 6 dnevi

    Is it just me or is the way Dixie treats charli considered a form of bullying. Like charli was so happy and Dixie took it for her apartment

  32. kendra davies

    kendra daviesPred 6 dnevi

    are we not going to talk about how Dixie obviously saw how happy charli was with the popcorn machine but proceeded to take the gift off of her and tell her that she needs to learn to be grateful? charli even stayed positive even though after that she got a gag gift

  33. kendra davies

    kendra daviesPred 6 dnevi

    ALSO noah goes and says “that would look so good in our apartment” after Dixie took it.they can both buy it together.

  34. Lil Girl

    Lil GirlPred 6 dnevi

    F u dixie

  35. jULia

    jULiaPred 6 dnevi

    2:25 the person crawling in the back ground gjergerge

  36. Isabella Heyes

    Isabella HeyesPred 6 dnevi


  37. Natasha Hobbs

    Natasha HobbsPred 6 dnevi

    No one: Not a soul: Not even Larray: James:OkAy ShOrE

  38. Danitza Martinez

    Danitza MartinezPred 7 dnevi

    She was being very mean to charli

  39. Lucy Connolly

    Lucy ConnollyPred 7 dnevi

    I think ik what dixies last gift was😳

  40. Lara Steyn

    Lara SteynPred 7 dnevi

    Does no one realise Charlie is drinking DuNkIn

  41. Haylee cervantes

    Haylee cervantesPred 8 dnevi

    Dixie made me mad by taking Charils gift. She was so happy.

  42. Weronika Bernacik

    Weronika BernacikPred 8 dnevi

    Jest Polska??


    REHANA RAJCOOMARPred 8 dnevi

    I feel like Dixie was mean to take Charlis popcorn gift

  44. Charli d’amelio

    Charli d’amelioPred 9 dnevi

    Charlis iconic Dunkin drink 🧋

  45. Max Lillian

    Max LillianPred 9 dnevi

    Okay I know I MIGHT get a lot of hate for saying this but everyone is mad at dixie for taking charli's present when they know they would do the same thing to their sibling. And anyways its funny how Larry did the same thing and took dixies present but people are not mad at him cuz larry is everything.

  46. Jfjffjjf Djirr

    Jfjffjjf DjirrPred 10 dnevi

    9:40 everything is bad

  47. areej almutairi

    areej almutairiPred 10 dnevi

    Bro I felt so bad for Chase the whole entire time u should give him a gift

  48. Patrick jr

    Patrick jrPred 10 dnevi

    1:00 Dixie sad “ gad gift” 😂

  49. Can Can

    Can CanPred 10 dnevi

    I like how this vid shows how jealous Dixie is of charlie

  50. wendy cucich

    wendy cucichPred 12 dnevi

    I hate the fact dixie

  51. wendy cucich

    wendy cucichPred 12 dnevi

    Took what charlie wanted

  52. Lilly Jenkins

    Lilly JenkinsPred 12 dnevi

    I felt bad when Dixie took Charli’s gift 💝

  53. Mia Lopez

    Mia LopezPred 12 dnevi

    can we talk abt how sweet noah is to dixie like pushing her hair back so he can see her face, ik its like just being nice but its cute

  54. Mohamad Ghanem

    Mohamad GhanemPred 14 dnevi

    my respect for dixie went down like down downn down down DOWNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  55. Bianca Funca

    Bianca FuncaPred 14 dnevi

    "Sometimes I don 't do my makeup" - Dixie D 'amelio, A legend.

  56. allison

    allisonPred 14 dnevi

    𝓃𝑜𝒶𝒽𝓈 𝒻𝒶𝒸𝑒 𝒶𝓉 2:02

  57. Amelia Garibay

    Amelia GaribayPred 14 dnevi

    Lol at 2:22 the guy in the backround crawling 😂

  58. Hawkwing 88

    Hawkwing 88Pred 15 dnevi

    2:25 I just noticed Louis having to sneak in the background 🤣😂

  59. The homies Fam

    The homies FamPred 16 dnevi

    We Love you guys and God bless you 😘😘 ❤️ have a nice day ❤️

  60. Eldie Rubio

    Eldie RubioPred 16 dnevi

    Love Charlie socks and dixie. S blue hair

  61. TreasureLA

    TreasureLAPred 16 dnevi

    james lmfao with the card

  62. Shania Godinho

    Shania GodinhoPred 16 dnevi

    Dixie and larray were flirting 5:44

  63. Shania Godinho

    Shania GodinhoPred 16 dnevi

    Everyone saying they are feeling bad for Charlie because she's happy At the end of the day they stay at the same house can share it

  64. Sevannah Monsivais

    Sevannah MonsivaisPred 16 dnevi

    I fell bad for Charlie because Dixie stole her gift

  65. Dianna Sullivan

    Dianna SullivanPred 16 dnevi

    I think what Dixie did to charli was messed up yeah I get that is how you do the game but she looked so happy when she got it

  66. AdRiaNa Alcazar ZZ

    AdRiaNa Alcazar ZZPred 17 dnevi

    Bro the end of the video CHARLI was just paying attention to the Nintendo lol

  67. Samantha Lam

    Samantha LamPred 17 dnevi

    I feel bad for chase actually. The sway boys actually hate him, sorry chasse

  68. Carlo de Voux

    Carlo de VouxPred 17 dnevi

    Charli is mad because she and Chase did that when they were dating

  69. Kilivika Achumii

    Kilivika AchumiiPred 18 dnevi

    I want the Burberry bag

  70. rhysandpolly

    rhysandpollyPred 18 dnevi

    Chase got a snail Chase:sad Me:I’ll take it

  71. Cee Jose

    Cee JosePred 18 dnevi

    not chase secretly checking Charli out every time she gets up

  72. Breanna Hernandez

    Breanna HernandezPred 18 dnevi

    Why would dixie take charlies gift I dont like her

  73. Tahlia Douglas

    Tahlia DouglasPred 18 dnevi

    I think chase is happy now to have that blanket since Charli got it

  74. Itz_Just_Sophia

    Itz_Just_SophiaPred 18 dnevi

    1:03 Dixie literally said “ he doesn’t know if it is a good gift or a gad gift” lol

  75. XxItzamber_x

    XxItzamber_xPred 18 dnevi

    Lmao am i the only one Who saw a man hiding becouse of they where making a video

  76. boom pax

    boom paxPred 18 dnevi

    Charlie and Dixie I am in love with you guys you guys are my favorite people and Charlie you and Dixie are good TickTock us can you do the renegade.

  77. Qianqian yang

    Qianqian yangPred 18 dnevi

    Dixie was very mean to Charli

  78. Wilda Sundström

    Wilda SundströmPred 19 dnevi


  79. The Gaming Channel 2020

    The Gaming Channel 2020Pred 19 dnevi

    and like chase could have stolen something like the gucci bag but he sticked with his stuff and didnt steal

  80. The Gaming Channel 2020

    The Gaming Channel 2020Pred 19 dnevi

    i feel bad for chase cause like he spent money but the things he got in return what like 10-20 dollars

  81. Bri Tree

    Bri TreePred 19 dnevi

    I have a feeling noah told dixie to pick the gift with the photo!

  82. homiijayy

    homiijayyPred 19 dnevi

    Dixie is just evil

  83. Paishence an Aiva

    Paishence an AivaPred 20 dnevi

    I feel bad for Charlie

  84. IYA Serafica

    IYA SeraficaPred 20 dnevi

    God loves us

  85. Amahnee Mendiola

    Amahnee MendiolaPred 20 dnevi

    i feel so so bad for charlie

  86. •Raya-Chan•

    •Raya-Chan•Pred 21 dnevom

    Noah looks so sad the whole time 😭😂

  87. Aliyah Juarez

    Aliyah JuarezPred 22 dnevi

    why is Dixie so mean to Charlie she already is grateful but I don't think you not by the way

  88. Aliyah Juarez

    Aliyah JuarezPred 22 dnevi

    why is Dixie so mean to Charlie she already is grateful but I don't think you not by the way No hate

  89. Dojiikaa07_ __

    Dojiikaa07_ __Pred 22 dnevi


  90. Dojiikaa07_ __

    Dojiikaa07_ __Pred 22 dnevi


  91. Isabella C

    Isabella CPred 23 dnevi

    What was dixies second gift?

  92. DURIE

    DURIEPred 23 dnevi


  93. yareli chavez

    yareli chavezPred 24 dnevi

    The way Dixie is so rude and mean to her little sister

  94. Xx.robloxxxmania

    Xx.robloxxxmaniaPred 25 dnevi

    Are we not gonna talk about when Dixie said gad gift

  95. Jillian Oatman

    Jillian OatmanPred 25 dnevi

    Lol not James thinking #1 is the best number :(

  96. ارمي💜

    ارمي💜Pred 26 dnevi

    Je vous aime

  97. Rachel Fung

    Rachel FungPred 26 dnevi

    This video has more views than her music vid

  98. Grace Welch

    Grace WelchPred 26 dnevi

    Larrays 6 is so funny I pissed myself

  99. Valery Fernandez

    Valery FernandezPred 27 dnevi

    Jesus is coming back soon

  100. Hannah Mendoza

    Hannah MendozaPred 27 dnevi

    noah and larray whit the oreos was killing me lol

  101. airveins

    airveinsPred 27 dnevi

    I can’t stand you guys. They are all so obnoxious

  102. Watts Up

    Watts UpPred 28 dnevi

    Anybody else’s family call it dirty Santa just me?

  103. Christ Roi

    Christ RoiPred 28 dnevi

    Larry is gay??

  104. Sophia

    Sophia Pred 29 dnevi

    Dixie like doesn’t need to be so rude like saying that you are teaching her how to be grateful like wth! like gosh