Talking About One Whole Day


  1. Victorya

    VictoryaPred 22 dnevi

    Hi I’m Victorya I love you Brent

  2. axbreekxy

    axbreekxyPred 24 dnevi

    "a lot of love, but mostly hate though" that's actually sad, she works really hard on these music videos just for her WHOLE comment section to be hate comments, that is just sick. So if you can stop hating on her

  3. Valencia Oosthuizen

    Valencia OosthuizenPred 27 dnevi

    I love you on toblox my name is Dixie hehe

  4. justyourlocal_ garbagecan

    justyourlocal_ garbagecanPred mesecem

    Dixie is going to be really really really really sad when she reads the comments 😞😢

  5. 𝒐𝒍𝒊𝒗𝒊𝒂𝒇𝒂𝒏🖤🤘

    𝒐𝒍𝒊𝒗𝒊𝒂𝒇𝒂𝒏🖤🤘Pred mesecem

    I love you i love I love you 😭💖🤟

  6. keisha lane

    keisha lanePred mesecem

    love it girl

  7. E girl

    E girlPred 2 meseci

    Hi Dixie ilysmmm ❤

  8. Linda Blassingame

    Linda BlassingamePred 2 meseci


  9. ari

    ariPred 2 meseci


  10. Mitzi world

    Mitzi worldPred 2 meseci


  11. Addison Bourgoie

    Addison BourgoiePred 2 meseci

    This is the best

  12. Antonia Zarnoianu

    Antonia ZarnoianuPred 2 meseci


  13. Zariah Ward

    Zariah WardPred 2 meseci


  14. Faith Faith Ward

    Faith Faith WardPred 2 meseci

    Omg your my idol my names yazminnnn love you id never hate on you my tiktok acounts are dixie_xo_sticks

  15. joseph kidd

    joseph kiddPred 2 meseci


  16. Oxana Wlasiuk

    Oxana WlasiukPred 2 meseci

    Which wheld are you in

  17. Oxana Wlasiuk

    Oxana WlasiukPred 2 meseci

    Do you still have a boy friend

  18. Oxana Wlasiuk

    Oxana WlasiukPred 2 meseci

    I love your song

  19. Oxana Wlasiuk

    Oxana WlasiukPred 2 meseci

    Can I see Charlie

  20. KasmoFNYT

    KasmoFNYTPred 3 meseci


  21. 123kittyeliz

    123kittyelizPred 3 meseci


  22. Rory Gillett

    Rory GillettPred 3 meseci

    I love how she doesnt even know how to use her microphone

  23. ItzMiaPlayz

    ItzMiaPlayzPred 3 meseci


  24. Cactus Lover

    Cactus LoverPred 3 meseci


  25. Cactus Lover

    Cactus LoverPred 3 meseci


  26. ryry

    ryryPred 3 meseci


  27. Kpop fan

    Kpop fanPred 3 meseci

    This reminds me of blackpink how they get hate for no reason cause they work hard and Dixie is getting hate for music even tho I don’t listen to her music it just sad just seeing her making music then get hate

  28. Callum Foreman

    Callum ForemanPred 3 meseci


  29. JustLizzy22

    JustLizzy22Pred 4 meseci


  30. Helen Chalkley

    Helen ChalkleyPred 4 meseci


  31. Miley Morris

    Miley MorrisPred 4 meseci

    i love how excited and proud she looks, it makes me really really really really happyyyyy XD

  32. Roblox_holka _cz

    Roblox_holka _czPred 4 meseci


  33. Ellie Mondon

    Ellie MondonPred 4 meseci


  34. Michelle Thompson

    Michelle ThompsonPred 4 meseci

    Did Charlie die

  35. Emerie Crockhom

    Emerie CrockhomPred 2 meseci


  36. Michelle Thompson

    Michelle ThompsonPred 4 meseci

    Did Charlie melio die

  37. Ella Flower

    Ella FlowerPred 4 meseci


  38. Dora Betham

    Dora BethamPred 4 meseci

    I can hear you

  39. {Gla}

    {Gla}Pred 4 meseci

    No, I have not been absent from SLthrow, extending the length of what you describe

  40. {Gla}

    {Gla}Pred 4 meseci

    The last video was downloaded two months ago

  41. Kelsie Rummage

    Kelsie RummagePred 4 meseci


  42. Genexix2o 0

    Genexix2o 0Pred 4 meseci


  43. Αναστασία Βασιλακου

    Αναστασία ΒασιλακουPred 4 meseci

    I love you but never answer me😭😭😭😭

  44. Rachel Ryan Shih

    Rachel Ryan ShihPred 4 meseci


  45. anna tis

    anna tisPred 5 meseci

    Wordl day wordl day as wouliwouliwouli sade

  46. Gaming Bj

    Gaming BjPred 5 meseci

    Your mic is worst than my future jesus Christ

  47. Vijisha Sajeevan

    Vijisha SajeevanPred 5 meseci


  48. Samar Fatima Khan

    Samar Fatima KhanPred 5 meseci

    Be Muslim if you want...

  49. Veneshia Mallory

    Veneshia MalloryPred 5 meseci

    i can

  50. Sassy Kings

    Sassy KingsPred 5 meseci


  51. Ilaria Meta

    Ilaria MetaPred 5 meseci


  52. Lily Vanderzwalm

    Lily VanderzwalmPred 5 meseci


  53. donna allen

    donna allenPred 5 meseci

    hi dixi im your biggest fan

  54. aoife streete

    aoife streetePred 5 meseci

    Love you dixe demeleo your the best SLthrow ever

  55. Everyany 001

    Everyany 001Pred 5 meseci


  56. Deanna Carlyon

    Deanna CarlyonPred 5 meseci

    hi girl

  57. Jenna DiDonato

    Jenna DiDonatoPred 5 meseci

    Her and jace Norman should get together they could be jixie

  58. Mashael Alghasham

    Mashael AlghashamPred 5 meseci


  59. Adam Castro

    Adam CastroPred 5 meseci


  60. Satenik Sardaryan

    Satenik SardaryanPred 5 meseci


  61. Amelia Porter

    Amelia PorterPred 5 meseci

    Although not many people will agree w me she should be treated with love snd respect

  62. Taylor Hope

    Taylor HopePred 5 meseci

    Is anyone else feeling tripped out by her face being all glitched out

  63. sad little bunny

    sad little bunnyPred 5 meseci

    The second song was a massive flop

  64. kelly lalande

    kelly lalandePred 5 meseci


  65. Ashley Boals

    Ashley BoalsPred 5 meseci


  66. Siri SeñoritaXD

    Siri SeñoritaXDPred 5 meseci

    That was really really really sad to watch in one whole day...

  67. mica

    micaPred 5 meseci

    rili rili sad

  68. Fatima Ghanchi

    Fatima GhanchiPred 5 meseci


  69. aniyah m

    aniyah mPred 5 meseci


  70. 김마리

    김마리Pred 5 meseci

    luv you dixie

  71. Stormy Lu Gacha

    Stormy Lu GachaPred 5 meseci

    Is this song about Griffin?

  72. Mayerli Justiniano

    Mayerli JustinianoPred 5 meseci

    Spanish ? 😞

  73. Michael

    MichaelPred 5 meseci

    That song is my new favourite song I only listen to it

  74. Meher Khanna

    Meher KhannaPred 5 meseci


  75. Ghazal Ahmed

    Ghazal AhmedPred 5 meseci


  76. Gamers down Town

    Gamers down TownPred 5 meseci



    EVAPETOPred 5 meseci

    I love u dixie🥰

  78. Spencer Stefani

    Spencer StefaniPred 5 meseci

    u look smelly

  79. Emerie Crockhom

    Emerie CrockhomPred 2 meseci

    Don’t be rude

  80. FIFA hybrid

    FIFA hybridPred 5 meseci


  81. Riley Fergerson

    Riley FergersonPred 6 meseci


  82. Riley Fergerson

    Riley FergersonPred 6 meseci


  83. Bessy Agg

    Bessy AggPred 6 meseci

    I love you ,l love your voice and I love your songs ❤

  84. tekla palavandishvili

    tekla palavandishviliPred 6 meseci


  85. toca WORLD

    toca WORLDPred 6 meseci


  86. Kids Time

    Kids TimePred 6 meseci


  87. Uriel Iturbide

    Uriel IturbidePred 6 meseci

    Dixie is trash

  88. Emerie Crockhom

    Emerie CrockhomPred 2 meseci


  89. Amie Jane

    Amie JanePred 6 meseci


  90. Averie Cacicia

    Averie CaciciaPred 6 meseci


  91. barbz 4 bernie

    barbz 4 berniePred 6 meseci

    one ☝️ neigh 🐴 one ☝️ neigh 🐴

  92. Dana Khan

    Dana KhanPred 6 meseci

    I love u :)

  93. Unidentified Shh

    Unidentified ShhPred 6 meseci


  94. Asfia Ali

    Asfia AliPred 6 meseci


  95. Asfia Ali

    Asfia AliPred 6 meseci


  96. agatha Playz

    agatha PlayzPred 6 meseci


  97. Cleo Bekerman

    Cleo BekermanPred 6 meseci

    The lyrics is still trash

  98. A person

    A personPred 6 meseci


  99. Courtneyxoxo5

    Courtneyxoxo5Pred 6 meseci

    i , m your biggestttt fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎

  100. IT'S SARA

    IT'S SARAPred 5 meseci

    U mean i'm

  101. Siri Dragontiger

    Siri DragontigerPred 6 meseci


  102. it’s crazy

    it’s crazyPred 6 meseci


  103. Edit fc

    Edit fcPred 6 meseci


  104. Teresita leshan

    Teresita leshanPred 6 meseci

    We love you Dixie💕💕💕💕💕

  105. Teresita leshan

    Teresita leshanPred 6 meseci

    "a lot of love but mostly hate though"

  106. Thamanna

    ThamannaPred 5 meseci


  107. Natasha Sarkisyan

    Natasha SarkisyanPred 6 meseci

    That song is literally the catchiest song I have ever heard

  108. 88_keys_to_ my_heart

    88_keys_to_ my_heartPred 6 meseci

    so this is what it’s like to have no personality, no talent, and pretty and white privilege